Purpose of Sovereignty International

All people everywhere are sovereign. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the proper authority held by the government, and how they get the authority to collect taxes, impose fines, and etc.

The courts have said that the ONLY authority held by the government is authority that is delegated by “we the people”.

“Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; … while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts.” Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 US 356, at pg 370;

 “The governments are but trustees acting under derived authority and have no power to delegate what is not delegated to them. But the people, as the original fountain might take away what they have delegated and entrust to whom they please. … The sovereignty in every state resides in the people of the state and they may alter and change their form of government at their own pleasure.” Luther v. Borden, 48 US 1, 12 Led 581.

The courts have also said that “we the people”have all of the rights of the King;

“The people or sovereign are not bound by general word in statutes, restrictive of prerogative right, title or interest, unless expressly named. Acts of limitation do not bind the King or the people. The people have been ceded all the rights of the King, the former sovereign,…..It is a maxim of the common law, that when an act is made for the common good and to prevent injury, the King shall be bound, though not named, but when a statute is general and prerogative right would be divested or taken from the King (or the people) he shall not be bound.” People v Herkimer, 4 Cowen (NY) 345, 348 (1825)

“It will be admitted on all hands that with the exception of the powers granted to the states and the federal government, through the Constitutions, the people of the several states are unconditionally sovereign within their respective states.” Ohio L. Ins. & T. Co. v. Debolt, 16 How. 416, 14 L.Ed. 997.

About sovereigntyinternational

I am a living soul, and currently an inhabitant of the land of Texas, near Azle. I do aerospace engineering consulting, and I have dealt with law and regulations as far as aviation are concerned for over 35 years. When somebody presented this idea of sovereignty to me in the early 1990's, I told them they were crazy, but then they produced court cases that talk about it. Since then I have been investigating it and I have found that it is 100% true. We are a nation of sovereigns.
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5 Responses to Purpose of Sovereignty International

  1. Thomas says:

    I’d like to receive and read up on bank mortgages as
    I understand the bank in committing a fraud by not disclosing
    it true intention to you once the contract is signed.
    I believe the Banks are in breach of contract as they often
    sell the mortgage to a third party and get paid on or near the
    date of closing. And do not credit the loan or mortgage account
    nor to disclose this fact to you the borrower.

    Also I’d like to learn how I can get absolute possession of my property and
    not be subject to property taxes

    If you have any info on pasports and travel document I’d appreciate
    learning how one can travel freely on God earth to any location or country
    without the Government ID or passports or Diver Licences.

    If you could responsed to my request I’d be grateful

    Best Regards


  2. I have not had much success in “commerce” so that is not an area I can discuss with much authority, but I can tell you how to make it so they are not dragging you into commerce.

    As far as land patents are concerned, in Canada, you call up the Land Title office and tell them you want to talk to the “Historical Department”, and then you tellthem you want a “certified copy of the original land patent” for your land. You may need a property tax ID, or something, they will tell you what they need to find it. If they do not know what you are talking about, tell them you want a certified copy of the document when the government originally sold the land the first time. Once you get that, then contact me and Iwill tell you what to do next. If you can scan it up and email it to me, then would also be useful.

  3. As far as government ID is concerned, the ONLY government ID I use is a Passport, and preferrably a foreign passport. I suggest you get a world passport, and there is a website that you can get them at. There is also a set of books written by somebody with a pseudonym of “W.G. Hill”. They are all out of print, but they are available on E-Bay and Amazon.com and they talk about how to keep your privacy. They are called “Perpetual Traveller” books, because you can effectively disappear from “their system” by being a perpetual traveller. The reason I am telling you about this, is that one of the books is called “The Passsport Report” and it tells you how to get a foreign passport.

  4. Check out my latest video about how all Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are all Satanist Order Takers.
    Please circulate this far and wide!!

  5. Please check out the Affidavit I created.
    Thank you brother for all the knowledge that you have shared over time and now we are finally putting it into use with a Blue Ball Point Pen!

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