Void Judgments

If the Satanists do NOT have jurisdiction, then they have nothing. In order to get jurisdiction, there has to be a contract.
If there is no jurisdiction, then it is a void judgment.
If you are in jail because of a void judgment, then the common law remedy is a Habeas Corpus.
If they are putting a show-trial, then the common law remedy is a Writ of Prohibition.
They are Satanists looking for somebody who is asleep on their rights (Latches) so they can take advantage of them.
It is a Bill of Attainder, and they are making war on you under their satanic law merchant, to make some fake money!
They are making merchandise of you, and selling you into slavery and the Bible tells all Christians what needs to be done.


About sovereigntyinternational

I am a living soul, and currently an inhabitant of the land of Texas, near Azle. I do aerospace engineering consulting, and I have dealt with law and regulations as far as aviation are concerned for over 35 years. When somebody presented this idea of sovereignty to me in the early 1990's, I told them they were crazy, but then they produced court cases that talk about it. Since then I have been investigating it and I have found that it is 100% true. We are a nation of sovereigns.
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2 Responses to Void Judgments

  1. Sal says:

    Need help! I filed a 60b4 motion to vacate VOID judgement. Plaintiff attorney replied with a memorandum to dismiss. I answered it in gross detail on May 6 and just yesterday, after I called the “judge” chambers in a fit, I was given a hearing date of June 6, 2016… Auspiciously 6/6/16
    Need assistance in this matter and there’s a lot to discuss.
    Please contact me as soon as possible.

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