Do You Really Own Your Land?

Do you own your land? If you are paying a yearly rent (property taxes) then you have a feudal title, and you are a serf on the land that you do not own. If you do not pay the taxes, they sell it from under you, and do an Unlawful Detainder action, which is used to evict tenants.


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All State Statutes are Actually Federal

All State Statutes involving Transportation, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Institutions, Taxation, and municipal corporations (governments) are actually US statutes. All of this is coming from the United Nations, the Crown and the Vatican. It is all full of fraud and satanic.

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Void Judgments

If the Satanists do NOT have jurisdiction, then they have nothing. In order to get jurisdiction, there has to be a contract.
If there is no jurisdiction, then it is a void judgment.
If you are in jail because of a void judgment, then the common law remedy is a Habeas Corpus.
If they are putting a show-trial, then the common law remedy is a Writ of Prohibition.
They are Satanists looking for somebody who is asleep on their rights (Latches) so they can take advantage of them.
It is a Bill of Attainder, and they are making war on you under their satanic law merchant, to make some fake money!
They are making merchandise of you, and selling you into slavery and the Bible tells all Christians what needs to be done.


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LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) are Satanic Order Takers

All Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are Satanic.
This is NOT talking about Oath Keepers or Peace Officers, but they can all also be Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs).
LEOs are selected because of their low level of intelligence.
This is all coming from the United Nations.
Many Peace Officers start out as LEOs and educate themselves to the point that they become oath keepers, and understand their duty to keep the peace.

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Traffic Court Thieves

If you are NOT a truck driver or bus driver in the business of carrying passengers or property for hire, then so-called Traffic Court is really thieves engaged in theft. They are actually pirates from the District  of Columbia. This video about some ways to deal with it. Everything they do is a fraud (color of law) and it is a satanic religious ceremony, where the BAAL priests are making some fake satanic money.

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DC Courts are Everywhere

Texas Courts are actually DC courts staffed by DC citizens and are ecclesiastical courts under Roman Civil Law which is a subset of Canon Law under the control of the Vatican. There is good reason to believe that all courts in America are DC Courts in support of the Martial Law Rule that has been going on for decades as found in the We are Under Martial Law Rule video. It is all designed as a fraud (a lie) and operated exclusively under color of law (more fraud)


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All Courts are Ecclesiastical

DC Courts are Ecclesiastical Courts operating under Admiralty Maritime Law. They deal with the cestui que trust with plenary authority, which means absolute dictatorship. Also, DC citizens (US citizens) are subjected to the same dictatorship wherever they are in America, according to a US Supreme court case. Everything they do is a fraud (color of law), and all officers of the so-called Court are priests of BAAL


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