Walker County Sheriffs

Last fall I was stopped by the Walker County Sheriff’s for a burned out third brake light bulb and the PIGs had me in hand cuffs at the side of the freeway for almost an hour. I did a video about it, and am preparing a lawsuit. Anyway, somebody on my group, who I know, and who I know is “like minded” was recently stopped by the Walker County Sheriffs and they were very interested in what he had to say. His comments are pasted below:

Last Wednesday night, a Walker County Deputy Sheriff pulled me over for having a headlight out.  IT wasn’t out until I pulled over off of the road.  When I started the car up to leave the light was working fine.  Friday at the Kroger’s gas pump the light was on when I stopped but not when I left.  I went straight to Wally World and replaced it.
The Deputy only gave me a warning (NOT a ticket) about the light and commented on how pleasant I was toward him and asked if I would mind talking for a few minutes.
I exited the car and we (I) talked for about 15 minutes.  
I explained that the problem was originally with the training that all LEO’s get from TCLOSE (the name has been changed) and that they were taught Federal info and not Texas Rules.
That the Texas Constitution in Article 16 required ALL officers to take the Requisite Oath of Office with NO CHANGES!  Without this oath they have no authority and therefore are KIDNAPPING whenever the “detain” anyone.  This leave them open to the use to Deadly Force against them.
I also explained that the Certificate of Title Act ONLY applies to State Owned Vehicles and how to prove it by Searching for “private vehicles” in the Codes.
The fact that attorneys are members of the Congress in violation of Article 2 of the TC was also discussed and that NOTHING that they did was actually valid so it is all NULL AND VOID ab initio.
He took notes and everything went exceptionally well. 

About sovereigntyinternational

I am a living soul, and currently an inhabitant of the land of Texas, near Azle. I do aerospace engineering consulting, and I have dealt with law and regulations as far as aviation are concerned for over 35 years. When somebody presented this idea of sovereignty to me in the early 1990's, I told them they were crazy, but then they produced court cases that talk about it. Since then I have been investigating it and I have found that it is 100% true. We are a nation of sovereigns.
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11 Responses to Walker County Sheriffs

  1. cmarie says:

    Thanks for sharing this conversation. I, too, was stopped by a NYS Orange County Police Officer this 2017 and the year earlier I revised the DRIVER LICENSE of the dead person to state after my signature “, Authorized Representative”. Well that statement did not stop the officer from giving me a ticket for having an expired Inspection sticker. The officer never questioned the person who I was and he should have just given me a warning. I immediately went an got the inspection on the next business day. However, the Traffic Court Clerk told me they still want me to come to court even though I plead Not Guilty as I am not a Driver nor a Dead Person.

    • I never give them a Drivers License. I use a common law identification card. Watch my D.I.Y. Kangaroo Courts, 7, 8, & 9 and i t shows how they are forging your signature onto a contract.

    • Vital Rights says:

      Pleading [begging] Not Guilty creates controversy and grants Jurisdiction and shifts the burden of proof to you to prove your claim, in their Trickery Tribunal venue – Pirates Profiteering revenue.

  2. Whenever I get stopped (rarely) the first words out of my mouth are; “Was there a breach of the peace” and then I ask “do you have a lawful warrant” and then I say “so if there is no breach of the peace and you do not have a lawful warrant, then you are operating in your private capacity as a revenue officer under the Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966, is that not correct?” then I ask him if he has any evidence of me carrying passengers or property for hire. By this time they are no longer wanting registration or insurance and just want ID. I refused to give the Walker County PIG ID which is why he had me in handcuffs on the side of the road for almost an hour. I think they saw my video because they wanted to learn more

  3. BRANDON BERG says:

    I’ve told my wife that i wanted to be a free men and we needed to get a divorce! Lol her face in shock. Then i try to explain that we are still married through common law and that we need to end of contract with the state and any othere contracts.
    She went to YouTube and seen the idiots that cant handle them self in court and scared her.
    Im still trying to educate her that they didn’t know how to challenge the jurisdiction of the Courts correctly.
    With the videos that you post really help her on how we got Hoodwinked by a Corporation!
    Ive been listening to Larry Lentz talk show and notice that he really didn’t got into detail like you do.
    Think you so much for the videos

  4. buddy holland says:

    You guys are like crazy – I get that you are out of money or deperately in debt and want some magic answer but geez…

    • and you are a coward and deserve what is coming you stupid fucking son of a bitch!

      • Chico says:

        Even the president of the usa knows the people are sovereign!

      • Agreed sovereigntyinternational, (buddy holland) “buddy holly” these agents always lack the art of cleverness, dumb dummy pigs following orders cant even make a decend fake profile pussy sons of bitchs hiding behind a imposter account like there imposter costumes they were like true satiness pirates as acting like pubic servant but really in there private capacity as a revenue officer

      • c cunnington says:

        Dont be conservative towards that possum with his tail between his legs. Tell him how you really feel. .did he say poor?
        Sicknfuckintired.. its gotta end period. ..
        2 years ago i was in court by invitation and appeared. the judge was 30 min late ..went thru the b.s. of course. .. i did notice one thing that i did while she was going onnn and on and on about state statues, i started gettin bored. she started sounding like the teacher from Peanuts and Charlie Brown.. thereafter i addressed common law and any complaint against me.. she became so fustrated she walked off the bench. I immediately said to the court of record the judged has left them bench. This case is dismissed. I left the courtroom… 30 days later i got a fucking bill from that whores archy, Since then i havent acknowledge nor heard from em .. I s this the right road to go? If not a little guidance were to find what to do would be appreciated…
        And i wanna say thank you Glenn. Never have i seen a human being like you with the commitment you have shown,…,one of a kind.

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