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  1. Arthur says:

    Something that stopped the ‘enviromental’ takeover of our soverneignity in the early 60’s was a released government report called “report form iron mountain’ this book is out of print but is a must to have and possibly get it back in print, if there is a chance you have not read it I would lend it to you’

  2. Lester james says:

    How can I get in touch with you

  3. Ato Fuller says:

    Do you process secure private creditor packages and if so how much?

    • Those are commercial terms, and I stay out of commerce as much as possible. Commerce is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, which is governed by UNIDROIT and the United Nations. Under the Clearfield doctrine (see Clearfield Trust Company v United States) you give up your sovereignty by doing that. That is not to say that I do not do common law contracts, because I do, and common law contracts are not commercial.

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  5. Troy Williams says:

    My house was stolen by this system. I live in New Jersey. I wrote both the sheriff and county clerk that the judge in my case wasn’t ruling fairly, and questioned why they were bypassing the 7th Amendment. I mailed them by certified mail, but got no reply. I want to sue both the sheriff and county clerk in Federal Court for failure to uphold the constitution, but don’t know if the fact that NJ is a judicial state plays a role on their side. Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks

    • It is War Crimes. It is martial law. They have presumed that you are a US citizen, and the US is bankrupt and under Martial law, and has been since at least 1933. Anybody that has a mortgage is by definition a US citizen, or resident alien. The issue is War Crimes under the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Civilians in a Time of War of 1949, Article 33 which is for pillaging. I would also bring up Article 31 which prohibits them from coercing and intimidating you into giving evidence against yourself, as well as Article 71 that requires a fair hearing.

  6. Sara says:

    I have a very close friend who has prior convictions. Felonies dating a few years back. While he was still on “court jurisdiction” he was at practice with his son one evening while officers came into arrest him and serve papers which was a warrant for due child support. He was arrested on and book at 9:44 on a Tuesday. Saw the following morning for child support hearing. And wasn’t seen again until the following Monday he was given the opportunity to put in a request for representation but not given anyone until Monday. They also had a “warrant” to search his home and truck. Being he is a felon he was was not allowed weapons in which he had a gun, that was supposedly stolen and that’s it. Pretty certain there was one or two CI. Which I advised him to have his lawyer put in a request right away. He shed be able to file a habeas Corpus should he not for many reasons. Being denied a lawyer, bond is to high, kept on suspicion.

  7. Accepting a liar (attorney) gives the court jurisdiction. You need to watch my DIY Kangaroo Courts series

    • Mandi says:

      Thank you for all your responses. They already do not like me. My phone I’m pretty certain has been tapped and my card was blocked at the jail last so I could put in payments. My bank said I had changed my phone number which I never did and then inwcame home to find that my internet box has been messed with. Regardless. I’m thinking representation of himself may be the best bet at this point and that I need to bail him out. All I know is the night of the supposed innocent he was with me. He has been served nothing, put in a request to file a habeas corpus 3 times and never given anything. While I’m well aware many eyes are on me. I do know that sometimes you need to stand up for what you believe in even if your standing alone

  8. The ONLY alternative that I can see at this point is the War Crimes

  9. I would file a Notice of Void Judgment into the case first, and a Revocation of Signatures. I would make sure and get copies of the Filed documents and attach them to a criminal complaint as evidence. You need to be aware that they are NOT going to like what you are doing so you need to decide how far you are prepared to go with this.

    In the criminal complaint you bring up the issues of War Crimes.

  10. Mandi says:

    This is very much and black and white case. He’s being targeted because of last convictions.

  11. That is EXACTLY why you need to do the Revocation of Signatures and the Notice of Void Judgment, and go after them for War Crimes. Either you are free or you are a slave. They are treating you like a slave right now and you let them get away with it, then you ARE a slave! Just get used to it!

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