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  1. Arthur says:

    Something that stopped the ‘enviromental’ takeover of our soverneignity in the early 60’s was a released government report called “report form iron mountain’ this book is out of print but is a must to have and possibly get it back in print, if there is a chance you have not read it I would lend it to you’

  2. Lester james says:

    How can I get in touch with you

  3. Ato Fuller says:

    Do you process secure private creditor packages and if so how much?

    • Those are commercial terms, and I stay out of commerce as much as possible. Commerce is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code, which is governed by UNIDROIT and the United Nations. Under the Clearfield doctrine (see Clearfield Trust Company v United States) you give up your sovereignty by doing that. That is not to say that I do not do common law contracts, because I do, and common law contracts are not commercial.

  4. I just finished editing the feature length motion picture HOLLYWOOD AND VINE that I wrote, produced, and directed in Los angeles. I am now seeking distribution. If you have any contacts that might help us in with distribution, then they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ronald Farnham
    HOLLYWOOD AND VINE imdb link:


  5. Troy Williams says:

    My house was stolen by this system. I live in New Jersey. I wrote both the sheriff and county clerk that the judge in my case wasn’t ruling fairly, and questioned why they were bypassing the 7th Amendment. I mailed them by certified mail, but got no reply. I want to sue both the sheriff and county clerk in Federal Court for failure to uphold the constitution, but don’t know if the fact that NJ is a judicial state plays a role on their side. Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks

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