I  thought Id share my experience with you
    I was travelling with my brother through Texas today on I-40.  He was pulled over for speeding 13 over  in a  75. We stopped. My brother decided to comply thinking we could be on our way sooner, so my brother handed over his  drivers licence and the rental car agreement. The cop for some reason turned his attention towards me, the “passenger.” He asked for my ID. I did not provide any ID and asked why he needed my ID. You could see the adrenalin pumping in this guys shaking hands.  He stated “because I need to see your ID” and “You have to give me your ID when I ask” . During that chaotic time I had a moment to think an said ” Do you have proof of claim I am required to provide such a thing” I think that question was well above his IQ level because  he repeatedly asked to see my ID, after my refusal. He  asked/demanded my brother to get out of the vehicle to “talk” (for a traffic violation), without success, he  then did the same to me.  Upon my denial of his request, he demanded I get out of the car. I asked if I was under arrest? He said YES! I asked for what crime and he said for not giving me you ID. I asked who was the injured party and he became even more flustered.  I responded to this liar saying “If I am under arrest then I choose to remain silent”. He threatened to take me to the station for finger printing for refusal to ID with no crime being committed. I rolled the window up and locked the door.   Multiple times, he tried to open the car door and aggressively tried to escalated the situation into a laundry list of felonies on his behalf , but the door was locked an the widow was cracked and he  couldn’t easily  assault me. He decided to go back to his truck because he  didn’t know what to do next except to call superior. 15 minutes later he comes back to the car like nothing ever happened and issues the speeding ticket and told us to have a nice day.  This all happened ten minutes after listening to your traffic stop video in the car.