Traffic Court Thieves

If you are NOT a truck driver or bus driver in the business of carrying passengers or property for hire, then so-called Traffic Court is really thieves engaged in theft. They are actually pirates from the District  of Columbia. This video about some ways to deal with it. Everything they do is a fraud (color of law) and it is a satanic religious ceremony, where the BAAL priests are making some fake satanic money.

About sovereigntyinternational

I am a living soul, and currently an inhabitant of the land of Texas, near Azle. I do aerospace engineering consulting, and I have dealt with law and regulations as far as aviation are concerned for over 35 years. When somebody presented this idea of sovereignty to me in the early 1990's, I told them they were crazy, but then they produced court cases that talk about it. Since then I have been investigating it and I have found that it is 100% true. We are a nation of sovereigns.
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2 Responses to Traffic Court Thieves

  1. Michael Ellison says:

    Send me the particulars on your information and documents. I have checks and iou’s that i am prepared to negotiate with…thank you

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