A successful Case

Dismissed both charges or tickets without prejudice after talking to the county attorney lol I don’t think he wanted to challenge me in trial I didn’t have to use jurisdiction and after raising our voices at one another and me telling him to calm down the officer forgetting bout court and the officer only living three blocks from city hall but not wanting to walk over to show up for trial he the county attorney dismissed without prejudice . so man thanks for you’re time I greatly appreciate it and let me know if there is anything I can do to help in anyway . I will be referreing you to some other friends of mine if this is ok let me know if not I’ll just assume it is. Thanks again .

Sincerely ,eric

About sovereigntyinternational

I am a living soul, and currently an inhabitant of the land of Texas, near Azle. I do aerospace engineering consulting, and I have dealt with law and regulations as far as aviation are concerned for over 35 years. When somebody presented this idea of sovereignty to me in the early 1990's, I told them they were crazy, but then they produced court cases that talk about it. Since then I have been investigating it and I have found that it is 100% true. We are a nation of sovereigns.
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  1. cmarie says:

    Hi, What did eric say or do to have both Traffic charges or tickets dismissed without prejudice after talking to the county attorney?

    • He didn’t elaborate. I gave him these questions to ask the order follower in court

      How long have you been in law enforcement?
      Isn’t it a fact that in order to be a police officer you had to swear an oath to support both State and Federal Constitutions?
      Do you believe your training was adequate to fulfill your duties?
      Do you believe that the laws must be enforced?
      Do you believe that the law must apply equally to all people?
      Do you actually apply the law equally to all people?
      May I remind you that you are under penalty of perjury, as I ask again: Do you actually apply the law equally to all people?
      Are you personally above the law?
      May I remind you that you are under penalty of perjury, as I ask again: Are you personally above the law?
      Is it your testimony here today that all of your actions against me were lawful?
      May I remind you that you are under penalty of perjury, as I ask again: Is it your testimony here today that all of your actions against me were lawful?
      What statute is it that you rely upon for summary brutality in lieu of the normal fines and imprisonment?
      How many years have you been a police officer?
      Approximately how many traffic tickets do you issue in a week?
      (weeks x number of tickets on calculator = #XYZ traffic tickets)
      So would it be fair to say that you are very well experienced in traffic matters?
      For the court record & the benefit of the audience, could you please inform us what traffic is?
      Please read aloud the cover of this book (Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Edition)
      The definition of the word comes before the first period, even though there may be more elucidation after the first period, so in the case of ‘traffic’, here & now, READ ALOUD, what is the one word definition?
      So ‘traffic’ IS COMMERCE, such as in trafficking in drugs or trafficking in weapons!!
      Do you have evidence as to me hauling freight or passengers for hire, so as to verify commercial involvement??
      And on the date and time you encountered me, you were armed weren’t you?
      So let me see if I understand this correctly, having sworn an oath to support both State and Federal Constitutions, you attacked me by force of arms, in order to compel me to be a witness against myself, in direct violation of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, and in felony perjury of your own oath, isn’t that so??!!??
      Previously you stated that you are adequately trained for law enforcement, and furthermore you have substantial experience, so you must be aware that the Bible is the fundamental source of law, isn’t that so?
      (***Defendant should be able to back this up!!! Such as provided in the Torah, Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law, Public Notice by Gideon Society in hotels and hospitals, Deuteronomy 19:15-23, Edith Jones & Harvard Law students, and United States Supreme Court!!)

      I am somewhat confused by your claim that you ‘arrested’ me, since the Bible provides that your actions are Exodus 21:16 MANSTEALING, for which the punishment is DEATH!! Furthermore, the event included Inland Piracy for which the punishment is LIFE IN PRISON!! [The Law of the Parties means that all of the legislators, police, persecutors, and judges ARE GUILTY AND THEREFORE NEED TO APPLY THE LAW TO THEMSELVES IN ORDER TO PROPERLY PUT AN END TO ALL SUCH CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, AND AS A DETERRENT FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS OF PIGs (people in government).]
      Since you testified that the laws must be enforced without discrimination or favoritism, are you willing to have these laws enforced upon you and your co-conspirators IMMEDIATELY, especially since, under oath, you have already confessed to the crimes, and tacitly exposed their involvement, as in also being a witness as to their crimes against me???

      • Cmarie says:

        Thank you for those questions.
        The all caps was just given a ticket. I signed it No Contract and Not Guilty and today I was told I will be contacted in five months as to what date to appear in their NY court.

  2. eric brooks says:

    Hello there i just wanted to leave a comment for the person asking what i said to the county attorney after we raised our voices at one another i told him to calm down he elaborated that he felt that i didnt have any respect to law enforcement officers or the law. With my quick reply i stated that i wanted to become a law enforcement officer( ;wink wink; )he said that he felt i would have a long way to go to do that, to witch i replied, well ill tell you what! He says ok you tell me what then ill tell you what. At this point if i would of said the wrong thing he probably woulda had a diffdrent reply because we already had a pissing match by raiseing our voices at each other. So my reply was you know to prasome anything isnt a certainty and infact with the law inregards an officer to assume that a person is operating a motorcycle without phisicly stopping that motorcycle and obtaining some sort of id and insurance information is just that an assumption and we all know about assumptions. The county attorney replied with i tell you what im going to do, do you plan on getting your motorcycle lisence i stated yes he says well im going to drop both tickets with out predjuce but if any of my officers catch you on that bike without a mc. Endorsement im going to throw the book at you…. Lol needless to say i agreed to what he was saying and it didnt even go into trial. Things in my favor thee cop not showing up witch i really didnt even think about but before we went into an office to talk about the case the county attorney had spoke in the hall to a court clerk and i over herd them talking about the cop not showing up and the clerk called the cop and for some reason he couldnt make it. I did remind the county attorney that he did buisness with my grandfather when he was alive. The county attorney said yeah i knew youre grandfather he was a good man then he stated that ( he knew my dad to) my dad not having a very good reputation with the courts or law enforcement he said i know you to. Eeek….
    Sincerely eric

  3. liskir says:

    without prejudice means they can reopen the case at a future time. I’ve seen this done several time. You want a nolle prosequi with prejudice.Youtube Karl Lentz, common law.

  4. 24karatmoney says:

    WOOOOOOOOW!!!!! if I were the cop being asked those questions, I’d just die on the stand.

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